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Why Textey?

Several years ago, in 2011, I was searching for a simple solution that would let me send and receive text messages from Salesforce. Our company, The Flywheel Group, had some clients that I thought could really benefit from communicating via SMS with their contacts. When I couldn’t find an existing product that really fit the bill I set out to design and build our own solution. There were three core tenets that I felt like we needed to uphold when building this solution, as follows:

  1. It needed to be simple.  This meant that it needed to be simple to install and configure. It needed to be intuitive to use. It needed to be simple in its functionality, singularly-focused if you will.
  2. It needed to be reliable. Reliability is tantamount to trust.  Customers needed to know that their text messages would be delivered accurately and on-time.  With the myriad of carrier networks and complexity in delivering SMS messages we needed a gateway that worked. Period.
  3. It needed to be affordable.  We wanted the solution to be priced in a way that made it accessible to even the smallest of organizations.

I felt that if we could deliver a product that was simple, reliable, and affordable that it would create high value for our customers.  In mid-2012, after months of designing, building, and testing, we published Simple SMS to the Salesforce AppExchange.  Simple SMS was well received on the AppExchange and our customer base began to grow.  We focused on providing a high-level of support to our customers.  We built relationships, we got to know our customers and their use cases.  We pushed out minor updates, improvements, and bug fixes.  All was going well.

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