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Two-Way Messaging

Enable two-way SMS communication in your Salesforce organization. Send outbound text messages from Leads, Contacts, Accounts, Cases, Opportunities, and any of your custom objects. When you receive a reply the incoming message will be added to the appropriate record.

Automate Messages with Workflows

Use the power of Salesforce workflow rules to automate your text messages.  Now you can send status updates, meeting reminders, and more via text message.


There’s no need to type the same message over and over.  Create templates for your most common text messages.

Templates include the ability to use merge fields so you can send personalized messages to your customers.

Bulk Messaging to Multiple Recipients

Use the bulk messaging feature to send a message to multiple recipients with the click of a button.

Inbound Keyword Campaigns

Keyword campaigns are a great way to generate new leads or gauge the interest in a particular promotion or product.

When a customer texts the keyword to your phone number they’ll be added to that campaign.

Automated Conversations

Automated conversations let you build multi-step, automated responses to incoming messages.  You can update information on your leads and contacts using the information that’s texted to you.

Build an automated conversation to collect the name, email, and more from a lead or contact.  You’ll be able to generate leads and collect information 24/7 without any manual texting, but your customers will feel like they’re texting a real person.

Auto-Create Leads

Lead generation is the life blood of many businesses.  Textey can create new leads for you automatically.

Textey can create a new lead whenever you receive a text message from an unrecognized phone number.

Send and Receive Image Messages

Most modern mobile phones have the ability to receive MMS messages.  Textey makes it easy for you to attach images to your outbound messages.

You can also receive incoming image messages.  Let your customers send you pictures and view them directly in Salesforce.

Link Tracking

Link tracking adds an analytical feature to your text messaging.  Simply send a message that contains a URL and Textey will shorten the link for you.  When the link is shortened it becomes trackable and you’ll know precisely when your customer clicks on the link to view it.

Call Forwarding

Incoming calls are valuable!  You can configure call forwarding on all your Textey phone numbers so incoming calls will be routed to the appropriate place.

You can forward all incoming calls to your main office or have each Textey phone number route calls to a different place.  Either way, Textey can handle it.