Manage all your text message conversations in one view

Textey lets you organize your team's text messages. Never miss a customer's text communication again.

Build better customer relationships with one-to-one messaging

Stop switching between multiple systems to see your CRM data and your text messages

Drag & drop the contextual messenger component onto any page layout.

Conversations are related to your existing CRM data. View and respond to your text messages within the context of Salesforce without having to switch between systems.

Give your entire team visibility into your customers' text messaging interactions.

Built-In Conversation Management Features

Stay organized by managing your text message threads as distinct conversations

New conversations are created automatically when you receive a text. The conversation status is updated in real-time as you send and receive texts.

Easily find and view all historical conversations. Access the transcripts for quick viewing.

Filter your conversations by phone number, status, ownership and more. Respond faster by quickly surfacing any conversations that need your attention.

Add Text Messaging to your Automated Processes

Leverage Process Builder and Flows to send outbound text communication

Add outbound text message actions to your existing processes, or build entirely new ones.

Easily trigger outbound text messages when new records are created or when your CRM data is updated.

A configurable apex plugin lets you dynamically set your template, phone number, and other options for your automated text message.

Scale Your Messaging Efforts with Bulk SMS

Send personalized messages at scale with just a few clicks

Send a text message to all the members of a standard Campaign, or select recipients from a list view.

Create templates with merge fields, and use them to send personalized messages to multiple recipients at once.

Bulk SMS can be setup for additional objects such as Opportunities, Accounts, Person Accounts, and custom objects.

Reporting and analytics to understand performance

Custom objects are used to store your message and conversation data. This gives you the power and flexibility to create reports and dashboards directly in Salesforce, allowing you to analyze your text messages alongside all of your other CRM data.

Additional Features

All of these and more...

Link Tracking

Know when someone opens a link that you've texted to them. With this feature you can send URLs and have them shortened into trackable links.


Create templates for any object and utilize merge tags to dynamically pull in data from a record. Save time and effort by not having to type the same message repeatedly.

Image Messaging

Two way image messaging (MMS) is supported. Send an image to your customer, or have them text an image to you and view it directly in Salesforce.

Multiple Numbers

Give every user their own personal text-enabled phone number, or create geographical or departmental phone numbers that are shared by groups of users.

Opt-out Compliance

Handles the compliant opt-out keywords to ensure that you don't send a text to someone that has opted out of your company's text messaging.

Call Forwarding

When someone calls your text-enabled phone number you can determine where to route that inbound phone call so that you don't miss a customer or prospect when they decide to call.


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